One Hand Clapping's original aim was to give a platform to unpublished and lesser-known writers and artists by allowing them to share a space with those who were a little more successful. In our print edition we had contributions not only from new writers like Tom Raymond, Sam Mountjoy, Lotte Hiller and Steve Shepherd but also from Al Alvarez, Colm Toibin, Les Murray, Mark Doty, Tony Visconti, Nick Coleman, Samantha Harvey and Fran Lock. (We distributed 5,000 copies of this edition.) Unfortunately, we are not able to publish another print edition at the moment but our online magazine will continue to highlight new and established talent every Friday.


We're also going to broaden out into recorded performances. All of the arts are welcome in our pages and we'd like to give exposure to anyone who needs it. Any established artists who feel that they might want to be involved would also be welcomed. We have broad tastes and an established readership. Why not join us and be part of it?

Image by Fabien Delaube