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Chloe Yates: a poem

Ode to a Bruised Thumb

Born through the crack of a door, Big Bang

brought forth seismic convulsions, earthquake,

labour pains, delirious ecstasy.

And then you. Foetus bruise. Unfurling fern.

Your drum and bass keeps me awake.

Each morn brings evidence of your night's toil;

laying the foundations to build your cities,

singing your song of suffering.

Little landscape,

your sunrise of reds and browns

under a small blue moon.

Your hills and dales where rosy streams flow

frozen beneath a sheet of ice.

You are mine, ragamuffin, all mine.

Clean yourself up, wipe that grin off your face.

There is no time now for your black and blue jokes.

You have a long road ahead. Hold tight.

Chloe is a 21-year-old poet and playwright from London. She has had plays produced at the OSO Arts Centre, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Theatre 503, Chiswick Playhouse and Theatre Deli. She has performed her poetry at The Poetry Café and RichMix. When not writing she works as a yoga teacher.

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