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Gillian Prew: a poem

a poem for evenings and tears, written and rewritten

liminal light the sky breaking

a cataract of rain and the wind blooming

small bone-huddles hunker in the wet wood

damp and fragrant with its dim blood-work

spliced charcoal and olive the shadows contain shadows


a fox haunts them

a wraith of swallowed teeth/

a torn throat flooding

the sound of hidden birds a firefly dying

the darkness now assembled

the night loud with the Earth turning


huddles and dim charcoal thin shadows breaking Earth

throat liminal damp blooming darkness

and olive small now, turning

wraith sky in flooding swallowed wind

hidden bone wood rain the fox sound with blood teeth

the work assembled

a firefly haunts torn, dying wet the cataract

the night of fragrant birds

shadows spliced a loud light

Born in Stirling, Scotland in 1966, Gillian Prew studied Philosophy at the University of Glasgow from 1984 to 1988. Her chapbook, Disconnections, can be purchased from erbacce-press (2011) and another chapbook, In the Broken Things, was published by Virgogray Press (2011). Her collection, Throats Full of Graves, was published in 2013 by Lapwing Publications. A further collection, A Wound’s Sound, was released from Oneiros Books in April 2014 and her chapbook, Three Colours Grief, was published by erbacce-press in June 2016. Her latest project (a collaboration with the poet and artist, Karen Little) is a small booklet contributing to a series raising funds for an animal shelter. She has been twice short-listed for the erbacce-prize and twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


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