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Jane Campbell: a poem

Photograph by Kitchou Kristina


I dreaded us losing 

our Gruffalo dad,

an army of hands and feet

the strict skin of him towering,

so hard to kiss.

Now softened to this heap in a hospital bed

he lets me warm-oil-massage 

his giant hands 


sing me to sleep


Jane Campbell is proud to be a dyke writer living off-grid in a house in rural west Wales. She was the UK winner of 2014's Asian Cha magazine competition with the poem "The City Park" and is an active member of the West Wales book festival and slam poetry circuit, recently coming runner-up in the Big Cwtch. Her short stories have been published in literary magazines such as Storm Cellar and the Lampeter Review as well as in various anthologies and online. Currently, Jane is working on a pamphlet entitled Mortality Saves.


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