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Lawrence Wilson: a poem


we orbit the truth in dark parabolas you and I and a thousand thousand others sliding easily through the fluid air like clouds of starlings surfing the sky, all pointillism, flickering north to south distorting, reforming, shifting again until there are no lies, only miscalculations and the beginning of forgiveness

gravity is patient the birds have to land sometime before the picking begins

Lawrence Wilson’s fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in Albedo One, Agenda, GramaryeInk, Sweat and Tears, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Stone, Root and Bone, Best of British, The Poetry of Roses, The Pocket Poetry Book of Marriage, The Pocket Poetry Book of CricketThe Darker Side of Love, on and in other journals and collections. His first two collections, The April Poems and Another April, are available on Amazon.

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