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Michelle Diaz: a poem

Something Shaky in the Frontal Fairground

Is it normal to wake at 3 a.m.

with a craving for waltzers?

Is it safe to leave home at midnight

to look for a Ferris wheel?

Can you trust your carousel thoughts?

How much candy floss can you stuff

into your mouth before people start noticing?

Are your teeth hallucinating?

When did you stumble into this Hall of Mirrors,

get stuck, then lose your way out?

Are you coconut shy?

Is your brain a goldfish

in a small plastic bag

with not enough water?

Are your moods helter-skelter?

Do you scream because you don't want to go any faster?

Have you any idea how you got here?

Michelle Diaz has been published by 14 Magazine, Poetry Wales, Candlestick Press and numerous poetry journals, both online & in print. Her debut pamphlet The Dancing Boy was published by Against the Grain Poetry Press in 2019. She is currently working on her first full collection.

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