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Sam Fendrich: Fake Blues

Sam Fendrich is a composer and poet based in London. He was the first bass player in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and has also led and written for a number of his own groups into the late 1970s. He spent a year as a professional poker player and took what turned out to be a thirteen-year sabbatical from music to pursue his interest in the philosophy and foundations of mathematics. After receiving his doctorate from the LSE in 1987 he returned to composing. His work has been described variously as "maximalist", "trans-genre", "pan-genre", "a-genre", etc., but he himself acknowledges no labels. A common thread in much of his recent work is the use of electronics and the weaving in of improvisational elements and he often deliberately blurs the line between so-called "through composition",  improvisational and random elements. For reasons that remain obscure he often credits the keyboard work on his recordings to the elusive Konzuaala Kuzenstan. Here is his piece for One Hand Clapping.

Fake Blues 3 is a track from the Sam Fendrich CD Blue Tears on the Linear Obsessional label (LOR110). It is one of seven CD’s of Sam’s work released on Linear Obsessional. For details and reviews of Blue Tears see: ttps:// Lines, a collection of Sam’s poetry, was published in 2009.


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