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Steve Shepherd: three poems

three for m

i. the chandeliers

after thirty years

we finish each other's thoughts.

we'll have the house to ourselves tonight,

I said

we could swing naked from the chandeliers.

there was a pause

maria smiled

we'd have to get them reinforced,

she said.

ii. not weeded

I realise the reason she pushes

is that the idea of doing

as little as I do

terrifies her. the thought of all

that space to wander about in,


the mornings an empty beach

cold grey sea rushing in.

the afternoons a garden

watched but not weeded.

evenings spent changing channels

the will to watch ebbing away.

iii. falling together

I awake on impact

the two of us

plummeting from miles up

surrounded by noise

not dream falling

not an impression or sense of falling

but an experience of falling


but then a lack of context

no memory of learning how to do this

I love you

but there's nothing I can do, I say,

we're falling

oh I know, you say,

but at least we're falling together

Steve Shepherd writes poems and takes photographs. He used to make radio programmes, mostly jazz.

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