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Sue Finch: a poem

I Lick my Cat's Paws

Steadily, tenderly.

I missed their warm edam scent.

I dug him up from the back garden

and brought him back to life.

When I am sure no one is listening

I sing to him.

I think he likes Alanis Morrisette

but he might just be humouring me.

When he's not there

I scream my loudest scream

not minding the neighbours

who think I am in pain.

I work up a deeper scream;

high pitched is not for me.

I watch people through windows late at night.

I knock on their glass to see their expressions

and run away.

Running exhilarates me;

I laugh to catch my breath.

Inside again, I put on my boxing gloves

and punch the walls.

I marvel at the dents in the plaster

knowing that later I will draw round them

and name each one as an imaginary island

in its own smashed sea.

Sue Finch lives with her wife in North Wales. Her first collection, Magnifying Glass, has been published by Black Eyes Publishing UK. Her Twitter link is @soopoftheday.


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