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Track of the Week

The Pooh Sticks were an indie band from Swansea who recorded between 1988 and 1995. Two of their members have reunited to form Swansea Sound. This is their press release:

"The Pooh Sticks project was never really finished...

Hue and Amelia are reunited in Swansea Sound, with a brand new set of songs and full-on indie attitude.

First single to be released 17 October 2020

Swansea Sound singles will be released on grassroots indie labels, and made available digitally on the Swansea Sound bandcamp page. The songs will not be found on Spotify, Apple Music or other corporate providers.

The first single is a two-track cassette on Welsh indie label Lavender Sweep. In "Angry Girl" and "Corporate Indie Band" Hue and Amelia sometimes duet, sometimes duel, in songs about teenage rebellion, the liberating power of pop music – and the oppressive dead hand of the corporate music sector.

Guitars are provided by Rob (The Catenary Wires); drums by Ian (Thrashing Doves, Death in Vegas). "


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