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Elaine Beckett: a poem


6th century bronze figurine R.A.A. "Bronze" exhibition.

Between Uma with her semi-precious stones

and Venus examining her toes

you sit pensive, exquisitely petite,

emanating peace.

A six inch goddess in the company

of life-size casts;

no veins, or individual muscle groups,

just the tilt of your head

toward the profile of your hand.

A gesture that leads me to consider

whether your fingertips were ever meant

to touch your chin.

I marvel at how you

hold your own

when giant Perseus is in the other room,

dangling the head of Medusa.

Elaine Beckett originally trained as a composer. Her debut pamphlet Faber New Poets 13 was published by Faber & Faber in 2016. Her work has appeared in The Poetry Review, Ambit, The North and The New European. She enjoys speaking her poems and has read at poetry festivals such as Ledbury and Poetry in Aldeburgh, as well as on Radio 3’s The Verb. Her first full length collection Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body was published by Verve Poetry Press. You can find her here:

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