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Elodie Rose Barnes: a poem

Summer Rain

Pluie d’été, or averse d’été. It depends

on the weight of the raindrops

on skin, how quickly

they soak through to the heart.

Tiny happenings of language.

In between

are le soleil, le ciel,

les nuages. I persist

in conjugating love – the late afternoon kind

that's swollen and golden

with summer.


A hairline fracture of inflection

between to like

and to love.

La tempête, but our bodies

hold the thunder.

Elodie Barnes is a poet, reviewer and essayist. She can be found writing in Paris, Spain or the UK (usually mixing up her languages), and is guest editor of the Life in Languages series at Lucy Writers’ Platform. Find her online at and on Twitter here: @BarnesElodie


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