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Finola Scott: a poem


she sits on the shore and shakes the marrow in her heavy bones, tries to dream   her waters awake thinks herself   rock-hot flesh-soothed   above the slackening tide impatient with inching barnacles the causeway floods   hermit crabs canter faded by this flimsy vertical   these clumsy limbs this pink   she yearns to flop   to skim horizons tired of men's sure-footedness   the selkie whispers tales of sand eels far from shore, weary of searching for her skin

Finola Scott's poems are published on postcards, tapestries and posters and in magazines 

including New Writing Scotland, PB and Lighthouse. Red Squirrel Press publish her

pamphlet Much left Unsaid. She is currently Makar of the Federation of Writers (Scotland).

You can find more poems here.


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