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Lisa Young: a poem

Sitting by the Pond, a Great Weight Lifts with the Summer Breeze

We must have been at home in our bodies.

Boundless as angels in the dark

and monsters in the snow.

I say, we were the back handspring

and the front walkover, similar

but reversed, like the b's

and d's in our notebooks.

This tranquil scene –

the breeze blowing across the lawn

and night slipping away with the stars –

is so like the past

rushing into the present, isn't it?

Like the cascade

of piano and wind instruments

last night – a lit-up waterfall –

which poured over the sheer

cliff of everyone – I am with you.

Together we are balloons in rooms.

Northern lights in northern towns.

Skeleton keys that open every door.

We are everything

we set our eyes on.

Starry moss on forest floors.

Infinity – one note at a time.

Lisa Young is the author of the poetry collection When the Earth (Quattro Books). Her work has been published in Minola Review, Verse-Virtual, the Maple Tree Literary Supplement and elsewhere. She is the founding editor of Juniper – A Poetry Journal.


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