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Lydia Pearce Swinney: mixed media

Study of Plant Man (3)

Lydia Swinney is based in Lancashire in England. She graduated with a BA in fine art from the University of Salford and is currently making work on an ArtLab printmaking membership at the University of Central Lancashire. Her current practice is rooted in the connections she finds between film, literature and political theory.

Working in collage and print making, she is interested in responding to "cause-effect narratives of conflict and disorder, as a result of fluctuating political and social environments. Currently I focus on exploring westernised structures of power, production and consumption in relation to how this affects the individual". Favouring handmade processes, fluid textures and mark making, she develops erratic and layered compositions, inviting the viewer to spend a longer period of time considering the piece.

The pieces below are collages that are made using a printer and a scanner. Lydia starts with creating a paper collage to use as the background design or the first layer. She then scans various pieces of her other work in order to print these on to the background collage. Each time she runs the collage through the printer, the scanned image is printed as a new layer onto the design. She is, she says, investigating "the relationship between my collage and print work, combining the two together to experiment with layering techniques and to produce over-worked and textured designs." Enjoy.

Betty Davis (2)

Study of Plant Man (1)

Garbage Disposal Unit (1)

Garbage Disposal Unit (2)

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