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Maggie Sawkins: three poems


What form would you take?

part of a glossary in a book

about birds, page three

of an introduction

to Heart of Darkness,

an origami crane;

or maybe red crepe

wrapped round a spine

that's about to go bang?



Alone in the woods,

I buried the bird beneath

leaf and twig.

First light, I carried its song

into the glade. A stone's throw away

from uncommon ground.


River or Tree?

How can one answer?

If you say river

you'd have to admit

your end is the sea.

If you say tree

you'd have to stay put,

unless you were felled

by lightning, or worse.

Maggie Sawkins lives in Portsmouth and delivers creative writing projects in community settings.  Her live literature production "Zones of Avoidance" won the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. Her most recent poetry collection, Many Skies Have Fallen, is published by Wild Mouse Press. You can find her here:

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