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Matthew Bourne: an improvisation

Photograph by Steven Cropper

Matthew Bourne is a recipient of numerous awards and accolades, and possesses an inventive and unique artistic approach. He has brought infirm pianos back to life in Songs From A Lost Piano, collaborated with the musicians of the London Sinfonietta in Written/Unwritten, made an acclaimed solo piano album, Montauk Variations, and reinterpreted Amon Tobin's work for Ninja Tune. Other projects include Radioland, a live reworking of Kraftwerk's Radio-Activity album (in collaboration with Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt), solo synthesiser album moogmemory and Isotach, Bourne's latest piano and cello album for The Leaf Label. Bourne's work has appeared on compilations by Bonobo and Hot Chip, and featured in Paolo Sorentino's latest film, LORO. Bourne's current musical focus as a collaborator has been with Keeley Forsyth (on her debut album, Debris) and recording and performing a series of two-piano concerts with Keith Tippett. 

Produced by Steve Shepherd. Video editing by Martha Shepherd.

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