Michael Klimes: a poem

Paintbrush to a Master

For Vincent Van Gogh

The bristles are broken fag ends

and the stem is severed at the midline

but I was his trusted apprentice.

I started on dabs of colour

as I learned to follow

the moon of his imagination.

I graduated from a background

of grey Dutch skies after I proved

I could surf the tide of his moods.

I was the telescope of the eye

that saw a new world

in the face of potato farmers.

My greatest nights

were when we lit firestorms

of yellow sunflowers.

Before he snapped, he snapped me. Then he walked out into a field

and got lost in the colours.

Michael Klimes is a pensions journalist. He has attended several online poetry classes at City Lit taught by John Stammers, Billie Manning and Ella Frears. He is excited about having his first poems published.