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Olaewe David Opeyemi: a poem

An Insider's Note on Love

What some call

love is a badly brewed wine;

a cobweb holding you

captive; a field of mire

holding your murky feet,

making them messier as you

crawl out. Mother says

do not yield your heart

until your mind's luggage

is packed. It is Solomon's Palace;

both crime and prison.

A prism. It's the way you look

longingly at outsiders

as you part, your voice

drowned by the noise

of your own heart.

Olaewe David Opeyemi is a Nigerian doctor and writer. His works have been published by Eboquills, BPPC, Selcouth Station, CLH and elsewhere. He's the winner of the Dawn of Splendour Poetry contest and the Shuzia creative writing contest. He is also active on Twitter here: @dropey01.


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