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Olga Michi: "Vulnerable"

We first saw these tremendous photographs in The Vagabond Imperative, a magazine which is always guaranteed to provide you with information about intriguing and out-of-the-way travel experiences. Olga Michi is a Russian photographer, born in Cuba, who is best known for the TV series in which she photographs the world's most deadly creatures. For her latest project, she tracked down some of the most unique cultures in our hyper-globalized world. The result is a photo book called Vulnerable, in which Olga's aim is to capture the essence of these cultures – and the individuals themselves – before it's too late.

A Mursi woman in Ethiopia, posing with an AK47

Africa: another AK-47

Padaung "giraffe neck" women in Myanmar

Chin women in Myanmar, displaying their unique filigree facial tattoos

These Surma boys from southern Ethiopia wanted to dress up and be photographed several times

"Vulnerable" is published by teNeues. All images: © Olga Michi. For more information about Olga and her work, visit


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