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Patrick Roberts: a poem


The oiled turn to the wave had hidden from the spray

Out across the bay no dark

has silenced gull nor swell

Closer in And the slick sheen folds itself as breaker

slipping and first onto the sand

The tide begins its climb

Trawlerwake and freightercall to rivermouth 'til late

The anchorage sets thickly

and quayside lights begin

Stepping out from the bar for just that caught-cough moment

she kneels and dips her right hand

into the feeding tide

All the night ahead she holds the shining surf tight

holds gull and cormorant as one

holds fast the hidden wave

Patrick Davidson Roberts was born in 1987 and grew up in Sunderland and Durham. He was editor of The Next Review magazine 2013-2017, co-founded Offord Road Books press in 2017 and reviews for The Poetry School. He is the author of The Mains (Vanguard Editions, 2018). In 2019 he ran All My Teachers, an all-women reading series.


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