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Simon Belshaw: Music Machine 8

Music Machine 8 uses the short speech that Neil Armstrong made when stepping on to the surface of the moon. The music machine takes each word of this sentence, along with both the pause that Armstrong left in the middle of the sentence and the beep sound that was a feature of the communications between the earth and the astronauts, and plays them in a random order. The machine plays each event only once (there is, therefore, an extremely small chance that the sentence will be played as it was originally spoken).

It plays on the question did we mishear Neil Armstrong's famous first words on the Moon?You can listen to it here. When it has played through once the earth will rise; click on it to repeat.

Simon Belshaw studied composition with Gavin Bryars and completed his PhD at the University of Hertfordshire in 2005. He has had pieces performed by various ensembles in various locations, including New York, Montreal, Belfast and the UK. He has produced multimedia installations and has had pieces sited at Sonorities, Audiograft, Punctual and other festivals. He is currently a resident of Kaleider studios, a DAISI artist and an associate of the University of Exeter.

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