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Al Mcclimens: a poem

Photograph by Denise Setterington

Obituary Column

the dodo. history. romanticism.

the petrol engine. cinema. print

journalism. the white rhino.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

communism. the High St. capitalism.

spelling. grammar. punctuation.

cool. postmodernism. theatre.

those dreams you had as a child.

cash transactions. analogue TV.

letter writing. postcards. telegrams.

the quiet coach. youthful innocence.

the local pub. email. rock'n'roll.

both parents. second wife. sex life.

indicating at a junction. democracy.

good clean fun. doorstep milk delivery.

the great barrier reef. the age

of chivalry. satire. the Amazon rain

forest. FM radio. community care.

concrete poetry.

Al McClimens graduated from Sheffield Hallam University’s MA Writing programme in 2017. He has subsequently had work published in Magma, The Morning Star and online in Riggwelter and Dodging the Rain. His debut collection will be published by Pindrop Press in early 2021.

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