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Antonia Alexandra Klimenko: a poem

Foreign Film

We travel between horizons

you and I in linear e-motion

one word after the other

one space to the next

Upper and lower case

wishing they were one

You: rearranging sentences

on the Titanic

Me: mopping the decks

You: the version originale

Me: with subtitles

running across my forehead

In Truth

we are spiraling through one another


In Reality

we are sinking to new heights

Wherever we are

is somewhere we have never been

Perception is like that

can take you somewhere new

without you ever having left

You and I

are somewhere

we have never travelled before –

our random borders opening

to a world of shifting senses

Nothing is as it seems

Nothing is. As it seems.

(All is lost in translation


you read between the lies)

Even now

lipsinking under you

with Webster's unabridged

I wait for your warm definition

to re-kindle my meaning within

Passion's tides –

breath's surging surf crashing in my head

A viscous rim of moon glistening

on my breast The Milky Way

on your native tongue

The blur of our arrival

the soft moan

of our black swollen sea



Antonia Alexandra Klimenko is a former San Francisco Poetry Slam Champion and is widely published. Her work has appeared in (among others) XXI Century World Literature and Maintenant: Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art archived at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. She is the recipient of two grants: one from Poets in Need and the second the 2018 Generosity Award bestowed on her by Kathleen Spivack and Joseph Murray for her outstanding service to international writers through SpokenWord Paris where she is Writer/Poet in Residence. Her collected poems On the Way to Invisible will be published in Spring of 2021.

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