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Charlotte Oliver: a poem

Packing my Sea

I cannot conjure a suitcase big enough

to hold my sea,

unable to stretch brown reinforced corners

as wide or high as needed

to contain the waves of emotion

I have diluted in its soft grey yawn,

so little streams of tears are crying out

through bursting zips,

soaking my duvet's seagulls who fly

above small cotton waves.

And I am glad it cannot be tucked up

into the reaches of my mind,

that I can still lose myself

within its heavy folds.

Charlotte Oliver is a freelance feature writer who lives by the sea in Scarborough, England. She was the commissioned poet for BBC Radio York’s Make a Difference campaign and has work published or forthcoming for Pendemic, Ice Floe Press, andNot4UCollective’s Poems from Home. You can find more of her writing here.


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