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Christina M. Rau: a poem

"There is no still moment"

Heart here is not a metaphor

my fist heart atria ventricles

it moves pause it moves pause

slightly off-rhythm

When the heart is a metaphor

it does stop Every moment is a still still

moment then slow motion pain slow

motioning though an artery through

a vein Pseudo-solarization of the circul

atory system

Heart burn has nothing to do with

the heart It's the chest the stomach

the esophagus It's acid moving in

side acid we make no bitters no


What I'm saying is that

my body is a metaphor for

being tired

my body is not a metaphor for

hurt It literally hurts from the hurt that

starts in the heart

Heart here is not a metaphor

The title is a quote by artist Doug Argue in his statement for an exhibit at the Nassau County Museum of Art

Christina M. Rau is the author of the Elgin Award-winning poetry collection Liberating The Astronauts and the chapbooks WakeBreatheMove (Finishing Line Press) and For The Girls, I (Dancing Girls Press). She was named Poet of the Year by Walt Whitman Birthplace 2020 and Oceanside Library Poet in Residence 2020-2021. In her non-writing life, when she's not teaching yoga, she's watching the Game Show Network. You can find her here.


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