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Elodie Rose Barnes: a poem

The Lover

She taught me her language

the way it should be

how to roll it around

on my tongue, how to let

its silk sharpness slip down my throat

like pomegranate seeds,

how to narrow the gap

between my lips

and hers

She took my hand

and said here


this is how words behave in skin

and it was then

that "home" started translating itself

not the word but the feeling

into te quiero, tu me manques,

a longing

without a border

Long dusks and slow nights

All the sounds of the world

began to mean desire

and she said here


it's what you've been searching for

Elodie Barnes is a poet, reviewer and essayist. She can be found writing in Paris, Spain or the UK (usually mixing up her languages), and is guest editor of the Life in Languages series at Lucy Writers’ Platform. Find her online at and on Twitter here: @BarnesElodie

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