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Finola Scott: a poem

Merry Matrioshka

The Big Wheel stirs the stars

carnival crowds shriek

and you cradle your bump

in the bright bauble of your belly

cells divide divide

flesh eyes bones prepare

as Edinburgh melts

palace guards sport party hats

and you feel the baby kick

ripe round and ready

toes nails shins all announce

solstice dark surrenders

wise-men sure you light our way

no need for inns or xmas markets

for gluewein pretzels poppets

you carry the perfect gift.

Finola Scott's poems are published on postcards, tapestries and posters and in magazines 

including New Writing Scotland, PB and Lighthouse. Red Squirrel Press publish her

pamphlet Much left Unsaid. She is currently Makar of the Federation of Writers (Scotland).

You can find more poems here.


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