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Finola Scott: a poem

A threatening avalanche

I'm all hazard,

my body urging movement.

The river is recalling welders' sparks.

Thrawn I ignore the rumour of ice.

So cold, snow ghosts the city.

Cloud burdens the Campsie Hills

and I insist on going out for exercise. Now,

huge belly bundled into my loosest coat.

Dusk arrives early in these canyoned streets.

Children spill out and you tumble in anticipation.

Starlings stalk my path. Crows shout out warnings.

I turn for the warmth of home, in time.

Finola Scott's poems are published on postcards, tapestries and posters and in magazines 

including New Writing Scotland, PB and Lighthouse. Red Squirrel Press publish her pamphlet

Much left Unsaid. She is currently Makar of the Federation of Writers (Scotland).

You can find more poems here.


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