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Fran Lock: a poem

Goodbye Boys

"the stain of absolute possession" - Eavan Boland

no more of you, shifting your weight

through pewter suburbs, dissembling

and emigrant, to wrest these woollen

words from mouths worn wide with

monologue. no more matter out of

place. unscrew the scuppered bulbs

in squats that cupped your ailing lily

forms through sunday's drab

mysterium. no more house of straw.

or else the hooky jests of dealers.

men like fawning ghosts. and you.

the smokey jeers of women. horny

blue abyss between the bridge,

the hill. the court, the morgue, or

anywhere. no more merchants

of scurvy, the geezer with his

bleachy eye turned toward your

pocket. on afternoons, emphatic

with landlords, gangers come to

whip your lackey genes to froth. no more of you, resplendent under

section, teasing your petulant griefs

through the eye of a needle. no

more doctor, oiling his oracle's

voice in a leatherette chair. no more

chairs. no more tables set for seance,

mothers who shake a failing finger

at your dreams. no more all powerful

oz. a moshpit's fickle cotillion. in

the dark, those ikons of collision,

kodacked into double-take, or knock-

on-wood, or i-was-there. oaths or debts,

or anything sworn to. the linen map

we'd fold around the dream of being

free. the volatilizing fog from off

the motorway. the faces of the dead

like rotten tablecloths, torn along

each blackened crease. eng-land

belongs to me. every nebbish, every

gamalog, and every mullered fool.

no more of you, how the orchard was

a door that opened onto fire. and every night an irony of kisses, shiners,

splintered teeth. oh gully teens, oh hoods,

oh skangers, renegade 'ead the balls,

i leave you to your boarder levitations.

i cannot carry you anymore.

Dr Fran Lock is a some-time itinerant dog whisperer, the author of seven poetry collections and of numerous chapbooks, most recently Contains Mild Peril (Out-Spoken Press, 2019). Fran has recently completed her Ph.D. at Birkbeck College, University of London, titled, "Impossible Telling and the Epistolary Form: Contemporary Poetry, Mourning and Trauma". She is an Associate Editor at Culture Matters.

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