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Jamie O'Halloran: a poem

The Invisible Woman at Home

Intruder rain pours

Without salt. Animal,

It circles a sleeping

Place where she mines her own

Mineral from the worried floor.

The cookie was wrong.

Fortunate red ink makes

A sorry stain she can't get out.

She'll have to dye the whole

Dress, fix the bath

With vinegar, the mordant grains

She seeps.

Jamie O’Halloran’s poems appeared most recently in The Honest Ulsterman and Spillway. The poems here are part of The Visible Woman, an unpublished chapbook manuscript. She participated in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project this past January, through which first drafts of her poems were posted daily for the month. Her poetry reviews are in or forthcoming in Lit Pub and Tupelo Quarterly. Jamie and her husband live in Connemara in the West of Ireland with one pair each of cats and donkeys.

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