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Jenny Robb: a poem

Happy Place

We would live by a clean sea

and our house would be calm,

not threatened by tides

claiming more and more land

as waters rise. I would swim

with fish and dolphins;

my old body singing

new tunes, still supple.

Grandchildren would visit,

play on uncluttered beaches,

their skins brown with a sun

no longer cancerous

and, as for us, you'd sail

with the son you never had,

your worldly dread

lifted up with the jib

and blown away

and we would write, my love;

still fight, sometimes. Making up

with sex seasoned by years of practice.

You could never be calm

but the anger silting your heart,

the acid in your gut,

would ebb and eddy in a gentle tide.

Jenny lives in Liverpool, worked in Mental Health services and has now retired. An emerging poet, she has been published in online and print magazines and in anthologies. She has poems forthcoming in Prole, Orbis and The Dawntreader. Her debut pamphlet will be published by Yaffle Press in 2021.

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