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Jo Balmer: a poem

Photograph of Priest's Cove, Cape Cornwall ©Alistair Common


So we come full circle to falling dusk.

Above Priest's Cove, the sky is darkening

through Brisons rocks, evening hesitating

between clouds and sea, cautious, on the cusp.

A shard of motion slips through, blurred with regret,

fresh votive to this place, our penitence

for the lost: parents, old friends, and the house

we mourned as if a lover rashly left.

But the day has gone, its turning point passed.

Now the most beautiful of all the stars –

the evening star, shepherd star, Hesperus –

gathers all that light-tinged dawn has scattered;

it guides the fishing boats, herds in sailors,

sends daughters running home to their mothers.

This poem is from Letting Go (Agenda Editions, 2017). Lines 10-14 are based on Sappho fragments 104b & 104a. Jo's latest collection, Ghost Passage, was published this year.


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