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June Wentland: a poem

The Playwright's House

To achieve déjà vu in a dream

you should sleep in an unfamiliar room –

the pungency of mint on fingertips,

a smear of herbs on the lips.

It should be in a house besieged

by trees. The dream may intimate

the nature of the room's empty

spaces – some mischief perched

like a putto, on the run

from a painting that once hung there.

In the deepest hour, things slip

into place, smooth as pebbles.

Seconds – pressed into staying

by plaster roses, dusty ceilings –

wait for the night time calls

to summon their creatures.

June Wentland lives in Corsham, Wiltshire but originates from Hull. She has had poetry published in magazines such as Stand and Poetry Ireland Review and in several anthologies. Currently, June also has a poem on the "Poetry Archive Now! Word View 2020" YouTube Channel.

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