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Katerina Neocleous: a poem


Such simple chemistry unlocks

a bulb's code – water, light

earth, air – so you can hold its flower;

like this wood anemone

cupped in my hand, for you to see.

What makes the heart more than

a living pump, this animated lump

of vein and blood?

What kind of occult key

can bare its bud

to occupy a season of its own

as if it had been dormant,

not a stone?

A constant love like these

winter anemones.

Katerina Neocleous co-edits the quarterly poetry magazine Obsessed With Pipework and her debut pamphlet is Wish. She has been published in many poetry journals and anthologies. In 2019 she was commissioned to make a short film about her poetry, as one of ten artists, for a national museum & art gallery. Her full collection is forthcoming from Flarestack Publishing.

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1 Comment

Mar 22, 2021


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