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Lizzie Alblas: a poem

Mistress Moor

You breathe with her,

the hills like lungs, feather-light heather's

olive bronchioles and fractured

alveoli scattered over the earth.

Cobalt catches the sun

and dims to flint – a merlin, soaring,

slipping swiftly overhead.

Electric. Pulsing.

Light caresses clavicles,

rough peaks kissed softly,

spinning gold from grass

in shimmering streaks.

Her essence is infectious,

her heartbeat your lifeline.

Lizzie Alblas is a poet and PhD student in Creative Writing at The University of Nottingham, currently developing a poetry collection centred around female figures in world mythology and folklore. Her work has appeared in Laced (which she also co-edited), Nottingham Poetry Exchange’s Voices, and in Whole, a zine created through collaborative workshops. She can be found at and on Twitter here: @LizzieAlblas.


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