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Louise Longson: a poem

The Breaking of Day

I feel it just before dawn.

A frowning moon yawns

and shifts in the deep

sleep of space.

Stars stir restlessly in the

blanketed sky and try

to find a warmer place.

A solitary birdsong shivers.

Louise Longson started writing "properly" at the aged of 57, during lockdown 2020, and has since been published by One Hand Clapping, Fly on the Wall, Nymphs, Ekphrastic Review, Obsessed with Pipework, Indigo Dreams Publishing, The Poetry Shed and others. She is a winner of Dreich’s chapbook competition 2021 with "Hanging Fire". A qualified psychotherapist, she works with historic trauma and specifically the physical and emotional distresses caused by chronic loneliness. You can find her here:

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