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Lucy Heuschen: a poem

When Huitaca Dances


in my chair,

I dream again

of reaching

a hall of sweat

and Latin beats.

I am tense,

a pent-up hum,

a Colombian drum:


tambor alegre, lamador;

I am seeds of maracas

and metal of guaches.

I am Huitaca,

rebel goddess

in full command

of the Moon:

my owl wings swell

with sensory pleasure.

I am bewitched

and bewitching.

I am Shakira

at the Superbowl,

a hula-hooping,




hair-flicking diva.

My Hips Don't Lie.

And today, today

in this chair

that is my hall

of sweat and Latin beats,

I take this diagnosis, this disease,

this groundswell of grave-dark fears

and I dance them all to death: dance hard,

dance fierce, until they become tumbling dust

and nothing is left

but a drumbeat.

Huitaca is a goddess of the Muisca people of Colombia. Lucy Heuschen is a British poet living in Germany. Her poetry has been recently published or is forthcoming in Reach, Sarasvati, Irisi, As Above So Below, Unlimited, FEED, Beyond Words, Poetry & Covid and Green Ink. She tweets about poetry, life change, mental health and other things here: @Rainbow_Poems.


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