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Maggie Sawkins: a poem


Is this what happens?

After leaving the body

it wanders down alleyways searching

for something solid to inhabit –

even the heart of a howling dog

in a ruined city, even a leaf

might do. Or it spends its time

staring into windows, waiting

for its shadow to appear.

Maybe it's in a foreign room

listening for a hymn that's yet

to be written. Perhaps, like notes

in the foxed margins of a book,

it just leaves traces.

Maggie Sawkins lives in Portsmouth and delivers creative writing projects in community settings.  Her live literature production "Zones of Avoidance" won the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. Her most recent poetry collection, Many Skies Have Fallen, is published by Wild Mouse Press. You can find her here:


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