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Marion Tracy: a poem


Even when she's out of the room,

or asleep, she can feel the trembling

of sheets flung to the floor,

of rings she dropped to let in more air.

It's bad luck to guess another person's dreams

but what if it really had been snowing

across the bed and she descending,

as a blaze of white, a mirage,

a hand in front of her lips to shelter

the words coming in and out in waves

of astonishment. Her mouth working,

eating itself, like walking slowly downstairs.

Marion Tracy has two degrees in English Literature and was a lecturer in colleges of Further Education. She lived in Australia for seven years, where she started writing poetry. She is widely published in magazines and previously published a pamphlet Giant in the Doorway (HappenStancePress 2012). She lives in Brighton. You can find out more about here here.

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