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Mick Farren: a poem

At the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque

As I trespassed in the leisured luxury

only the rich enjoy,

she came to visit.

I knew she was an aristocrat

by the pride with which she wore

her straggly, thistledown coronet;

by the way she bore

her sparrow-dun, jeroboam body,

heavy with old nobility;

by the strutting, serpentine neck,

with the understated iridescence

of one born to effortless grace;

by the cruelty

of her greedy

unhandy talons.

She stared from her claw-hammer head,

avid for tribute

from this obvious imposter.

Tongue-tied by her condescension,

I tried to charm her to reveal

all of her dowdy glory – until

bored with the impasse she twitched

her tail and left a calling-card

of peacock shit on my terrace.

Mike Farren is an academic publishing editor from Shipley, W.Yorks. His poems have appeared widely in journals and anthologies and he has been placed and commended in several competitions, including as "canto" winner for Poem of the North (2018). His pamphlets are Pierrot and his Mother (Templar) and All of the Moons (Yaffle). He co-hosts Rhubarb open mic in Shipley.


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