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Myriam Wordmaker: a poem

black coffee drunk cold

I rehearsed

the conversation we should have had

what you would say

what I would answer

where it would happen

what I would wear I decided

it would be a sunny day spring early

morning that could turn

blood warm later. You'd say Hey

fight for the right words

the nice words

the million dollars words

and I would remember the exact tilt

of your head looking down and left when

ashamed. You would apologise for how

you left it last time we got together

I'd say fuck you in my head and

smile. The date

would be short


and we'd both leave not having said

one word that is true

You stand just so

sunny morning spring early and

your face glows like night & dark & pain

have never been borne. It's real

life and all I can think

is my leg touching

your leg from hip to thigh and

I don't know if it burns

a carbon copy that's smudged

in all the right places. I remember

jumping off a cliff.

Myriam San Marco is a poet, promoter and creative writing facilitator. As the Bournemouth Poet Laureate, she has been leading a creative writing and development programme for local writers with the support of Bournemouth Libraries and continues to support poetic initiatives in local schools. She founded Word Makers and Silence Breakers in 2016 and curates a bi-monthly spoken word night at Chaplin's cellar bar. She can be been found performing on street corners, in bookshops, at carnivals, on festival stages and at poetry events. Her debut collection, Sakura, was published by Burning Eye in June 2018.

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