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Naomi Folb: a poem


When we spoke last night

I heard your voice so jolly and yawny, and I felt our distance come into sleep

alongside the image forming of the softness of hands touching between sorries, given and retracted,

the sense of falling and rising in the landscapes of the imagination, vistas of pub theatres, little lanes of writing by number,

weightless without paper, that want so much to be in the house of your dreams

on a river across the town, with a view

over hostas in a communal garden

with pathways to hold secrets,

passages like fingers,

where I wish for freedom

and the happiness of finding you,

the reader of my poems

about fear and healing,

all this the compost for stories

I hope to be written.

Naomi has a doctorate in philosophy and founded a publishing company for dyslexic writers. She now combines writing with teaching children with special educational needs. She has just completed her first novella and is currently working on a book about non-linear narratives and a poetry collection which explores signs, happiness and living the good life. A full list of her publications can be found on her website:

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