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Richie McCaffery: a poem


At ninety all she can still smell is mint

as if, when she was very young

in the garden of her girlhood home,

she wished for a long life in exchange

for loyalty to the spry herb at her feet.

Grandad's nickname for her: Mint,

her handbag armed always with imperials.

On her supermarket dinner she douses

home-made mint sauce like holy water.

Richie McCaffery lives in Alnwick, Northumberland. He's the author of a number of poetry pamphlets, the most recent being First Hare from Mariscat Press (2020). He has also published two book-length collections from Nine Arches Press, Cairn and Passport. A new pamphlet collection titled Coping Stones is due out this year from Fras Publications.

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