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Rob A. MacKenzie: a poem

© Ryan McGoverne

The Victoria Bar

Victor, when he's not in church,

hangs out in the bar and thinks

about the church, the long aisle

they'll pirouette down – Victor

and Victoria, king and queen

of Christmas Carol Principles –

to that same drum and bass

track rumbling now through

the PA like a pneumatic drill

through single glazing – what

Victor thinks of as traffic cone

surround sound – the Swedish

barmaid's unpronounceable

vowels morphing into vows,

rings, babies, baptisms, death

or divorce – whatever floats

first through the cloudy lager

to crown his glass – and Victor

praises God for drunkenness

and frenzied Pentecostal zeal,

slides his two-dimensional beer

body and brain underneath

a table – in communion with

the bride who's calling time

on thought and keeps calling

and keeps calling –

Rob A. Mackenzie is a Glaswegian poet, editor, reviewer and occasional translator. He lives in Leith. His poetry collections are The Opposite of Cabbage (2009), The Good News (2013) and The Book of Revelation (2020), all published by Salt. He runs the literary publisher Blue Diode Press.

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