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Sue Finch: a poem


She searches the sky most days.

Never says skies;

to her that one vastness

holds so much.

Sometimes she forgets

she cannot contemplate what exists above.

There are days she wants to pull down the clouds

to build a maze.

Days she wants to swallow the small ones;

their cold candyfloss hydration.

Days she wants to lie down on the side of a hill

with someone she loves

naming every shape.

Days she thinks she would be happy

just watching everything glide by

in the colour of swans.

Sue Finch’s debut collection, Magnifying Glass, was published in 2020. Her work has also appeared in a number of online magazines. She loves the coast, peculiar things and the scent of ice-cream freezers. You can often find her on Twitter here: @soopoftheday.

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