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Sue Finch: a poem


It was a surprise

so I kept my eyes closed

all the way to the garden.

My empty stomach

was a theatre of kaleidoscoping gems.

She stopped me walking,

invited me to open my eyes.

Slowly I began to see.

An enormous glass jar

had been delivered to our lawn.

Above it, swinging from a crane

was a lid.

Do you like it? she asked.

It’s huge, I managed.

I am going to exhibit you,

she said excitedly. You like things in jars.

I did.

That was the truth.

A collection of Smurfs,

Smartie lids, miniature carved owls,

that figure of Dick Tracy.

I liked looking at them,

it made dusting easier,

they could be handed

to someone with ease, for scrutiny.

I wasn't sure this was right for me.

I ordered an extra large one, she was saying.

She seemed to be making a speech,

a declaration of love.

I was supposed to be grateful now,

touched, overwhelmed.

Two men were smiling at me,

asking her if I was ready.

Then I was on a platform

being lowered in.

I smiled like a good exhibit should

as the lid was lowered on.

It fitted firmly.

Did she know I would make condensation

spoil the whole effect?

Sue Finch lives with her wife in North Wales. Her first collection, Magnifying Glass, has been published by Black Eyes Publishing UK. Her Twitter link is @soopoftheday.

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