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Uma-Thandeka Muhwati: a poem

He whispered so

the bathroom walls carry the scent

of decaying argwood and burnt sage/

the perfume of a lover who

plants kisses on your forehead in disdain/

and leaves you on your knees, sobbing,

for another whose foreign name

makes your tongue curl/

you watch the cracked work of art that you are

in the mirror he gifted you last valentine's/

wishing you had her skin, her teeth,

her love for antiques and deeper seas/

the marble floor cradles your body

while you mourn a love that never was/

cursing yourself. He whispered so/

Uma-Thandeka Muhwati is a college student from Harare, Zimbabwe. She spends her free time writing and reading. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in The Journal for African Youth Literature and Odd Magazine.

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