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Victoria Punch: a poem

Leopard Bathing © Amelia Waiz

The Bath (after Keith Wilson)

In response to Leopard Bathing by Amelia Waiz

white belly and base

dressed in blue by the moon I stare

where I kneel to drink

lapping fabric to me

I stare, my back is

a blue lagoon

water skins over my surface

it slinks and slides

I send my tongue like a lamplighter

over the edges and back again

– smooth sailing

tongue rough as a die

I am floral, blue and blooming, sun-fed

long back and curled feet

bronze – wallpaper patterned

shadow my footsteps and watch me bathe

ink blue, tongue and groove

the pool at my back, my belly bare

deep lily my face, send fishes to greet me

deep water I slake, the rushes undo me

deep waterfalls, as you climb out of me

Victoria Punch is a voice coach and musician. Curious about voice and identity, the limits of language and how we perceive things, her poetry comes from these explorations. She has been published in Roi Fainéant and the6ress and has poems forthcoming in Poetry, Otis Nebula and The Gravity of the Thing. She is on Instagram as @victoriapunch_ and you can find her on Twitter here:

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