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Yessica Klein: a poem

Photograph by Sima Ebrahimi

Notes For Self

being Henry is like being Pepsi

everybody hates Henry

is he East or West?

yeah, I answer


bad poetry reeks of alliteration, but

let their bruises blossom

have I shown you how my Monstera Deliciosa

moves towards the light?


have you ever gone swimming for a first date?

teach me how to speak kiss in Gaelic

I was sure that yesterday

was the last day of you

Yessica Klein is a German-Brazilian poet based in Berlin. She holds a MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University (London, UK) and was shortlisted for the 2017 Jane Martin Poetry Prize (Cambridge University, UK). Her writing has been featured in Magnum Photos, Salt Magazine, 3:AM, The Moth and many more.

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