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Yessica Klein: a poem

Photograph by Sima Ebrahimi

Notes For Self

being Henry is like being Pepsi

everybody hates Henry

is he East or West?

yeah, I answer


bad poetry reeks of alliteration, but

let their bruises blossom

have I shown you how my Monstera Deliciosa

moves towards the light?


have you ever gone swimming for a first date?

teach me how to speak kiss in Gaelic

I was sure that yesterday

was the last day of you

Yessica Klein is a German-Brazilian poet based in Berlin. She holds a MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University (London, UK) and was shortlisted for the 2017 Jane Martin Poetry Prize (Cambridge University, UK). Her writing has been featured in Magnum Photos, Salt Magazine, 3:AM, The Moth and many more.

1 comment

1 Comment

May 29, 2021

Hi Yessica, I like your poem 'Note For Self'. It gives me a sense of hope when I write my own. I remember you very well from the Liverpool Writing Club-upstairs in the 'Jac'. Raif ,Ben, Joe, Rhys- to name but a few of that alumni ! Now look at you guys, spread worldwide and spreading the love of poetry through the art of actually writing it. What will we do with you super cool cats..?? All the the very best Yessica and keep dodging that pesky virus. Terry Noon. Kirkby .Liverpool. England. But more importantly Europe. 😊.

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